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Friday June 9th – The city on water and global art tour

My mom has always talked about Venice and wanting to visit it sometime in her life and of course I’d want to come back someday and bring her with me. She’d love it, like I did. Just water surrounding everything.

It’s truly breathtaking when you look at it. The water, the buildings, the whole atmosphere was just surreal and it made me feel lighter as I walked with a pep in my step when we were on solid ground.

Of course I wanted to go off and explore all that I could and just be curious like I usually am, but after being told just how easily one could get lost – sticking with the group was the best option for me. Besides, I wouldn’t want another incident like getting lost in Florence.

I know I’ve talked about being an avid art lover before, but I’m going to say it again. I love art! I hold a great appreciation of anything that’s creative and out of the box.

So of course going to the Venice Biennale was totally my scene! A huge place just filled to the brim with art – fine art, abstract, sculptures, films, photographs and just some downright weird ass things. Oh yeah, I felt right at home here for sure.

The Biennale had different buildings named after the countries the art came from such Finland, Austria and Canada to give a few examples. I’ve never seen that at any place showing art pieces before.

My absolute favorite exhibit at the Biennale was Finland – it was just so out there and crazy that you paid close attention to it even if the exhibit had a giant talking egg incorporated into it that scared the shit out of me when it started talking. I think more people laughed at my reaction to the egg coming to life than what the egg actually said.

After getting settled into our hotel which was I think at one time a house for nuns or something along the lines of that. The rooms were big and spacious and had our room had three beds in it. Minimal decor, but that’s fine. The one thing that was pretty cool with the hotel was the giant alien statue they had greeting you at the door. It had nothing to do with the hotel and really confused me, but it was a unique touch.

When dinner time came around it was peaceful – we were by the water and eating dinner in Venice, what more could a person want?

Of course I had to do something dumb and I accidentally ordered a 37 Euro lobster. In my defense, I had a a very logical thought that the lobster was cheaper than that. Since we were literally on top of the fucking water, you know, I thought they would have seafood cheaper since you can catch it locally, but nope!

Oh well! I mean when am I ever going to eat lobster by the water in Venice again? Never in my life, so yeah, I had a very lavish dinner and that’s okay. You live and learn, laugh about it later and move on with life because it’s all about the experiences you have.

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