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Thursday June 8th – Galileo, Galileo!

So, the only real thing I learned about Galileo was that he built the first telescope. Yeah, that’s some find education there on my school’s part, but what’re you going to do.

I never knew there was a whole museum that had all of his inventions and relics and just so much information about him. it was amazing to see what he thought of, and it was also interesting to learn that he had to keep on satisfying the people and that’s why at times his inquiry would be just so random with no rhyme or reason.

Turns out that people didn’t start to believe anything that had to do with scientific evidence until the dude- Galileo himself was like, “Hey, have you ever thought maybe there’s more than these myths and junk?”

Of course, it was in a much more sophisticated manner, but you get the picture. It kinda sucked when the church put him under house arrest and then made this thing called the Index of the Forbidden Books and put all of Galileo’s stuff in it.

After they did that, they were like, “Well, this stuff is wack and since you published this and you don’t believe in the good Lord, your arse is out of here.”. Well, again, the church folks would’ve said it in more elegant wording.

The Index of the Forbidden Books wasn’t a one time thing, it lasted from 1559-1955. The church was in total control on reading material for that long – holy crap that’s insane! I never knew a scientific mind like Galileo’s would have such a drama filled life.

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