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Wednesday June 7th – Naked Statues and Carousel Rides (With a splash of vino)

Let my first start off by saying the reason I was excited to see Michelangelo’s David is not because it’s a giant marble work with a penis, which is apparently why a lot of people are excited to see it?

Like, what the hell? Whatever, I”m excited because it’s something that I was shown in art classes in High School and in College and of course I have people in my family that talk constantly about traveling over to see Michelangelo’s pieces in person.

Being able to do something my family has expressed so lovingly and being the first person to actually do it and see it up close is such an honor. It truly is.

Honestly, pictures don’t do it justice. The statue was much bigger than I ever anticipated coming in at 17 feet tall is something hard to wrap my head around and the detail in certain areas of the statue was incredible.

To be able to add such amazing detail into marble is a trademark of an exquisite artist. You can see the veins in his arms and hands and even make our the bone structure of each individual finger. I thought seeing the David was going to be all, but no, there was actually a room by the masterpiece that was packed full of bust statues, statues that were damaged and statues that told stories and lore.

It was an interesting room. Busts lined the walls, reaching all the way up to the ceiling as the light bounced off the pieces making some sparkle. Your eye was wondering everything trying to soak in all the details that were presented to you.

It was my favorite places actually, the photos I got in that room tell a million stories just by their facial expressions. That’s what art is to me. It’s a guessing game – and that one question everyone asks is: “What’s this mean?” That’s the great part, art is your own interpretation of the piece and that questions answered by you, nobody else.

Moving on from cheesy talk, our next destination was Santa Croce which was a church and the burial site of famous figures in Italian history.

I didn’t even know that Dante, Michelangelo and Machiavelli were all buried here nor there was a hierarchy to how they were buried. I think it was the closer they were to God or the church, the closer they were buried toward the front. I might be wrong on that, but it sounds like you needed to be tight with the Lord to be considered “holy” in this church.

The tombs were decked out and huge, there was no way you could miss them. I mean you can tell how much they were loved by just how extravagant their tombs were.

The thing that sucked though was that Dante’s tombs is completely empty. His body is actually in Rovenna because he was exiled for being a Guelf. The rest of the church was beautiful too all decked out in paintings, relics, gold, it was dope.

After getting back to the apartment and chilling for a few hours, the group decided to meet for dinner for the professors birthday!

I enjoy going our with the group especially for meals – it’s like a family dinner, a messed up family, but one nonetheless. It was good, we all talked, laughed, gave presents, drank – a lot in my case since I along with a few others didn’t get our food until much later for some reason. So, we drank wine on an empty stomach, not the smartest thing.

Needless to say, I was a bit buzzed when I was actually eating my food and then because some of us got our food really late, they gave us free booze. It was something I’ve never tried before – limoncello.

Now, I’m one that can handle her liquor when it came down to it, but this drink was strong. Like, it could put hair on your chest if it wanted. Just by smelling it, you knew it was strong which is why they don’t give you a lot to drink in one setting.

I think by the end of dinner, everyone was feeling pretty damn good and we all left Zaza’s in our usual fashion – loudly. We all laughed, talked and were the usual rowdy bunch.

We decided to go watch the sunset on the Arno river and it was beautiful, peaceful and magical. To see the sun reflect off the rippling water is something that’ll be forever imprinted into my mind. It’s honestly a sight I want to see every single day.

After the romantic view which the music that was being played on the bridge helped with that type of atmosphere, some of us decided to go ride a carousel and let me tell you I was excited! Yeah, it may seem like a little kid thing to do, but a few of us decided to indulge and have fun, because let’s face it, I’m a child at heart.

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