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Monday June 12th – Heads in the sky and a musical lesson

First off, I had cake for breakfast! It was the best breakfast ever, I never want to leave Milan if I can have this for breakfast every single morning – it’s like a dream come true! No joke, I’ve always wanted to have it and I finally did at 23 years old.

After the sugary breakfast, we all went to the Duomo in Milan and oh gosh, the stained glass windows and panels there are just incredible! So ย gorgeous and detailed and colorful. I couldn’t look away.

The only downfall of the Duomo was going to the roof. Of course we got ot take the lift, but I still don’t do heights so I don’t why I went in the first place.

I did make it halfway to the tip-top of the front before I freaked out and went back to the lift to take me down t o the ground. I kind of forgot to tell someone other than Emily that I was going back down, but I was just rambling at that point trying to stay alive on the way back.

Shout out to the nice old Italian man who was telling me it was safe to walk on the roof and I would be okay! You’re a wonderful soul, but I still left.

After doing a little shopping at a clothing store called Alcott, which I actually got two things from which I was surprised at since I thought I was too fat for clothing in Italy, but I was surprised and happy with what I got.

We made our way to La Scala Opera Museum. It was so fancy, even when you first walked in – it was decked out in red carpet and drapes and the whole nine yards, but I guess that’s what Opera houses are like anyway.

I didn’t really know a lot about Opera, but it was nice to learn about Arturo Loscanini and all of his accomplishments through the years and what music he made and just the kind of person he was and how much Opera meant to him.

(I’m not sure where my pictures went from this day, I do know I have them somewhere and when I find them, I’ll fix this post and put them in)


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