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Saturday June 10th – Walking tours and many sores (Padua bound!)

The walking tour through Venice was so amazing! Not only was our tour guide pretty damn fine, but I got learn some interesting things about Venice that I never knew about such as – the giant clock tower that’s looming above everything is leaning.

It’s not straight at all, but it still looks beautiful especially when the bells start to chime. Now, I know Venice is known as the city that’s on top of water and that’s why it’s so famous, but how was it able to be on the water?

Well, Mr. Hot tour guide told us that the city had around 10 million cement blocks and screws keeping it a float, which is mind blowing, but also very terrifying at the same time. I mean, yeah, you’re on a floating city, but it’s all thanks to some screws that are God only knows how old, but moving on.

As the walking tour ended, our group decided to go to Piazza San Marco and it was gigantic! There was also the Cathedral of St. Marks too and those buildings just drew you in and I was honestly not prepared for what I saw on the inside nor the outside for that matter. The mosaics were so detailed and gorgeous and get this – each square was 24 karat gold! Every single, little square.

Grab a few of them and you’d be set for awhile! It was so decked out in gold, the place practically sparkled. My neck was craned up most of the time because I just couldn’t look away.

Of course, I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the church, but I did get some sneaky photos, they didn’t do the place justice though – they were a little blurry and making out the details in the mosaics were hard to pin point.

Afterward, we had a bunch of free time to kill so we decided to explore and go shop and dine in the city. After buying jewelry, Venician masks and postcards, some of us decided to take a Gondola ride! I’ve always dreamed of something like that! It seemed like the perfect thing to do while in Venice, I mean, why not?

There was 5 of us who went on one Gondola, so the price was about 16 Euro each which is not bad at all! I did however have an issue about getting in the tiny ass boat. I felt like my fat ass was going to capsize us right into the water. So, getting in and out was a bit of a struggle for me and it made it worse since I was in a dress.

There wasn’t any pretty singer by the Gondola driver since that apparently costed extra, but it was fine. Seeing the sights as we glided along the water was enough for me. I also got some awesome photos along the narrow passageways when we went into the streets.

I was very happy I decided to ride the Gondola, it was a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget and I still get giddy when I think about it!

The train ride to Padua was kind of a blur to me because I was exhausted and just ready to rest when I got to the hotel. Of course, my soul left my body the minute I found out that we had to walk a staggering 10 blocks to even get to the hotel!

Since we just walked around and saw the city, it was nice and chill. The city of Padua was nice and beautiful. Nice buildings, unique roads that hurt my feet and a lovely park with statues and bridges lining the river.

Near the end of the day, I really couldn’t feel my body and I swore my feet were non existent at that point, but adventuring and exploring was the best. Needless to say, I got plenty of rest that night.

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