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Sunday June 11th- Church shawls and the fashion capitol

Waking up from my state of dead sleep, I gorged myself on the hotels breakfast in Padua and it was delicious! I felt fancy eating the food since I usually just have cereal for breakfast or the occasional cup of fruit so this was something I could get used to!

After check-out, our group went to Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel which was built back in 1305. Going through the museum first was nice because of all the relics that were on display. I just really wish I could read Italian so I could know what most of the relics were, but guessing doesn’t hurt either.

It was an interesting process to just get into the chapel itself. You just can’t walk in, you have to “clean” your body and chill in a room for 15 minutes and watch a video before entering and once inside you only have 15 minutes to look and take pictures.

It was explained that this process was put in place to help keep the fresco’s preserved which makes sense since some parts were very heavily damaged. It was great to look at, beautiful in detail and it told so many stories from the Bible.

The Life of Jesus, and Life of many cycles. In the video, I learned that Giotto painted emotion onto some pieces in the chapel like in , ‘The Massacre of the Innocents’ and was the first to ever do that.

Also, that many painters after him kid of get ideas from his great works. It was a wonderful history lesson and I got many great shots from the Chapel.

Getting to Milan, I felt like I was in New York City, much more modern than the other places we’ve been and it was so huge! Seeing the Duomo at night over there was incredible and it totally looked like a Disney castle. I really wanted to explore more, but my body needed to rest.

I did get a pretty awesome bath though at our awesome hotel. Which by the way, was so luxurious and the tub even had jets and babble bath in it so that was a nice perk.

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